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My Life Through Hoops...
A Full Circle

My Life Through HOOps... A Full Circle by Elena Lev

This book is the true-life story of a little girl born in Moscow, Russia, in 1981 to a simple family of amazing gymnasts and performers. The girl lived and did not think that she would end up where she is today. Her two parents raised her without much help from their relatives, two parents who worked hard and traveled a lot, and were apart for a long time, just so they could provide and create a future for that one little girl. They thought of having more kids, but decided that they were going to give everything to her, just her, and create something wonderful and magical with her talents that she had started to develop at an early age. They decided to do something completely different that no one had ever done before. The little girl was excited for the journey awaiting her.

Going to college and experiencing new professional avenues broadened my horizons. I remained a performer at heart but needed to look ahead. I was ready to take on more responsibilities, be challenged, and to be seen differently. My chance came at home, a few floors above the stage, when our company’s management assistant was looking for an intern to help and learn from her. I had grown, gained valuable knowledge in class, and had worked at a few management jobs. Cirque noticed significant changes on my resume and two interviews got me the position. I had previously shown that I was more than hoops, but that was the first time the company acknowledged it. From then on, I’d be a student in the morning, an office intern in the afternoon, and a circus artist by night: a triple threat!

And now what? Now . . . life! I want to live and experience it to its fullest, that’s all! I love where I finally am in life, where I chose to live, and how things have taken a turn in the best and most unexpected way. I am done stressing, underestimating myself, and living in fear of what my body might do. I will turn 40 soon and have no interest in looking back, only in what lies ahead. I need and will find new ways to challenge myself, but have proven by going through so many hoops that I do not need one spinning on my foot to do so. This dream of opening my own restaurant first came to me in college and still lives within, and because of that idea, an ownership might be the next adventure. The road to get there will be long and I’ll learn enough to write a whole other book, but it will be so worthwhile once I put the key inside my own door of something special to me, a door behind which I’ll keep on speaking three languages and share my knowledge with those around me. Until this day comes, here are some parting pieces of advice: Dream big! Never look back! Never give up! Follow your heart and your goals, your passion and intuition! Succeed!

My name is Elena Lev, I am 40 years old, and this is My Life Story . .



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January 28, 2022



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My Life Through HOOps... A Full Circle by Elena Lev