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I am happy to share with you My Life Through Hoops, My life story, a Journey that made me who I am today. I thank each and every one of you for bringing me here. Enjoy the ride and share your thoughts and comments!
Elena Lev author of My Life Through HOOps... A Full Circle
Elena Lev
My Life Through HOOps... A Full Circle by Elena Lev

My Life Through Hoops...
A Full Circle

This book is the true-life story of a little girl born in Moscow, Russia, in 1981 to a simple family of amazing gymnasts and performers. The girl lived and did not think that she would end up where she is today. Her two parents raised her without much help from their relatives, two parents who worked hard and traveled a lot, and were apart for a long time, just so they could provide and create a future for that one little girl. 

They thought of having more kids, but decided that they were going to give everything to her, just her, and create something wonderful and magical with her talents that she had started to develop at an early age. 

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My Life Through HOOps... A Full Circle by Elena Lev